White Shark Trip

Gudalupe Island

Do you want to see face to face the fiercest predator man can come accross? San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions has been organising shark diving expeditions to the Guadalupe Island since 2001.

Isla Guadalupe is a Mexican island with an increadibly rich and isolated fauna. The island has a diverse landscape which combined with its remote location make it a magnet for marine life. The water around the island is extremely clean due to the ocean currents which wash it so clean that one can often see for more than 100 feet into the distance, which makes Guadalupe a more suitable location for shark diving than California. Recently Guadalupe is starting to be recognised as the host to one of the worlds most prolific populations of Great White Sharks. These creatures appear at the island seasonally, when the water is warm and rich in Yellowfin Tuna. Given how many great white sharks appear in the autumn at the island, it is no wonder that Discovey Chanel, BBC and National Geographic have all shot documentaries on the Guadalupe Island.

Shark Cage Diving

The company has three ships designed to deliver the best shark diving trips. Many have boarded the Belle Amie, the Nautilus Explorer and the Islander over the years, and have experienced the comfort of the ship and the thrill of bathing with sharks. Nothing could speak more highly of the quality of the ships than the clean safety record SD Shark Diving Expeditions has since offering its services to the public in 2001.

The Belle Amie is the largest, most luxurious live abroad shark diving boat in the world. It is a state of the art vessel, that was refurbished in 2014 with new interiors and diving equipment. It has two premium suites on the main deck, which can be opened into one main suite. There are six superior suites with ocean views on the upper deck, while the lower deck has eight staterooms and one quad berth.

The company offers 5-day, all inclusive trips on all three ships. The prices do not include the $65 port fee to be paid in cash upon boarding. The fees include the Mexican government VAT, but do not include purchases from the bar, souvenirs or crew gratuity.

Dive Adventure

The five-day trips begin at ten pm, with a Departure from San Diego to the port of Ensenada in Mexico. The group arrives at Guadalupe Island at six am the next day, so the day is spent with shark cage diving. The third day is spent with diving. The fourth day is spent with half a day of seeing sharks, but the boat has to depart at 2 pm. The fifth day is spent with the journey home, the group arrives at Ensenada at 2 pm, and at 7pm in San Diego.

The boats have three different diving cages. The first one was designed to fit four divers, who spend an hour in the water before exchanging places with the next four divers. Each boat has another one of this kind of cage. The third cage is a submersible one which works in thirty minute rotations, with a diver and a divemaster.

Breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, hours D'oeuvres and dinner with additional snacks are included in the price of the trip. The vessel has a huge interior dining room and a lounge area. There is a large hot tub and a sun deck on the top of the boat.

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